How to trade on Biteeu?How to trade on Biteeu?
What virtual currencies and pairs are available on Biteeu?At the moment our platform provides services for storage and trading of 50 virtual currencies and this number will constantly grow in future.
What are my trade limits and what fees does Biteeu charge?Please, see our limits and fees.
Why does the trade confirmation dialog display total price as an estimate?We always want to give you the best price. Thus, even though the system displays the amount you typed in, if there will be fully or partially executed at the best price.

How to find out the address of the wallet of a certain currency?ADD Wallet > Select the desired coin, click on ADD Wallet and wait for a notification “Create wallet request has been sent”.
How to deposit funds on my Biteeu wallet?You need to log in to your account and proceed to the “Wallets” tab. Select the desired coin and click on “Deposit”. If the address of the coin is not displayed then you need to create the address yourself. In order to create the coin address copy the address of the wallet and paste it into the source where you want to replenish the funds from. After sending the funds proceed to the “Wallets” tab and the status “Pending” will be highlighted in the “Transactions” section. If done correctly, the coins will be deposited on your Biteeu wallet. Important! Each coin has its own replenishment address.
How to withdraw funds from my Biteeu wallet?You need to log into your Biteeu account and go to tab "Wallets". Press on Withdraw button and enter the address of the coin wallet you want to transfer funds in. Enter the desired amount for withdrawal and the system will automatically we will calculate the commission for you. Click “I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions conditions for processing automatic withdrawal "and confirm the withdrawal request. After after confirming the withdrawal, go to the "Wallets" tab, and the "Pending" status will be highlighted in the "Transactions" section. If done correctly, the coins will be removed from third party wallet.

User accounts:
How to register an account on Biteeu?Specify the email address you have access to. Create a password (the password must contain at least 6 characters, one upper case letter and one special character). Type in the password one more time to confirm it. Agree to the “Biteeu Terms of use”. Click on the “Sign up” button and wait for the notification “Confirmation email has been sent, please check your inbox”. Click on the link in the email to confirm your registration.
Why is my account disabled?There are few possible reasons, such as but not limited to: - You haven’t passed our AML/KYC check. That could happen for several reasons, for example, if we suspect you attempted to verify your account with a forged ID; or an ID that has already been used; or an expired ID. - Your current IP address does not correspond to the geography you have entered in your personal data section. - We suspect your account was hacked and disabled it for you. - Your account was involved in suspicious trading activity.
How to enable notifications?Log in to your Biteeu account and proceed as the following: Profile > Site settings > Notifications. In the notifications section you can enable: - Biteeu newsletter. - Withdrawal notifications. - Login authorization.
Are there any geographic restrictions to creating an account?Currently our services are not available on the territory and to the citizens of the United States, Iran and Northern Korea. In certain circumstances there might be some limitations in few other countries as well. You will be notified of such limitations during the registration process in case if they apply to you.
Why am I not receiving a confirmation message from Biteeu?You have marked one of previous emails from Biteeu as spam. - Your email provider sent Biteeu email into a low priority queue and did not deliver it to your Inbox folder. - The email was delivered but it is in your Spam or Junk folder and etc. To ensure flawless email delivery you can add [email protected] and [email protected] to your email address book or safe senders list / or contact our support team
How do I recover access to my account?Please, contact our helpdesk at [email protected]
How to set up a two-factor authentication (2FA) on my Biteeu account?Log in to your Biteeu account and proceed as the following: Profile > Site settings > Two-Factor Authentication. The set up process is explained in that section step by step.

Safety & Security:
Is Biteeu a regulated cryptocurrency exchange?Yes, Biteeu is fully regulated and licensed on the territory of the European Union. Hence, Biteeu is compliant with the European Union’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.
What is IP address whitelisting procedure and why perform it?Ip whitelisting allows for extra security and helps to protect your account in case if you lose your API keys or login credentials. You need to explicitly enable this feature and require Two-Factor Authentication to update. After you set one or more whitelisted IP addresses, Biteeu will only authorize trades or withdrawals exclusively from those IPs.
What does Biteeu do to secure my personal information?Biteeu is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant entity and fully provides for the high standards set in the regulation. Please, read our Privacy policy for more details.
Why is it important to identify your identity?In order to comply with the European Union’s Anti-Money Laundering regulations and international acts Biteeu performs several procedures and identity verification is just one of them. Identity verification helps us to protect our clients from fraud and our platform from intruders. This is just one of the tools we use to make sure our platform is not used to launder money, finance terrorism or commit other illegal activities.
How long does it take to get verified?Usually, not more than one day, however, in some cases it might take longer.

Do you plan to open office and/or acquire license in other countries?Our goal is to be locally presented in every continent of the world. This will let us provide timely feedback and customer support service.
Can we list our tokens at Biteeu platform?Please contact [email protected] for more information.
Does Biteeu have a mobile app?Yes, our mobile app is available for both iOS and Android-based devices.
Where can I follow Biteeu on social media?Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Linkedin