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Token name: Ardor (ARDR)

Listing date: 04.11.2019

Ardor offers a live multi-chain “blockchain as a service” platform based on a revolutionary parent/child chain architecture. Ardor is coded in Java and comes with 250 ready-to-use APIs for replicating common business processes. Lightweight smart contracts make it simple to automate processes while interfacing between off-chain databases and the blockchain. Anyone can use these features on the platform’s public Ignis child chain. Alternatively, businesses can launch custom blockchains (“child chains”) that rely on the Ardor parent chain’s decentralized network of nodes for energy-efficient proof of stake security. Each child chain is compatible with one another resulting in a true ecosystem of blockchain products.

Learn more on https://www.jelurida.com

Biteeu Team
4 November, 2019