Token name: Komodo (KMD)

Listing date: 02.12.2019

Komodo’s composable design makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of blockchain projects and decentralized applications, including fintech solutions, supply chain management, digital identity and records, voting, gaming, & more.

The Major KMD Use Cases:

1) Gateway to Trustless Trading
KMD is one of the base coins of Komodo's atomic swap DEX protocol. Swaps that happen through KMD receive a 10% discount in trading fees. The more Smart Chains there are, the more KMD pairs there will be.

2) Easy Mobile Payments
KMD is the most trusted and most frequently used coin in the Komodo ecosystem. It is secured by Bitcoin itself and has fast transactions with low fees. KMD is accepted and adopted by every new business and project in the Komodo ecosystem.

3) Komodo Platform Services
KMD provides security, scaling, and interoperability services to the entire Smart Chain ecosystem. Projects that opt-in to these services always make payments in KMD.

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Biteeu Team
2 December, 2019