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Token name: Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL)

Listing date: 20.09.2019

Platform: Custom

About QRL: Cryptocurrency resistant to classical and quantum computer attacks

QRL is built specifically to counter hacking attacks based on quantum computing technologies.

All modern computers use technologies of classical physics. In terms of information processing speed the quantum computers will be several orders ahead of even the most powerful industrial computers existing today. Meaning that existing protection algorithms will be useless against computing devices operating on the principles of quantum mechanics. According to some experts, Bitcoin (as well as several other platforms) is reliably protected from hacking. However, the creators of Quantum Resistant Ledger argue that the quantum computer will allow to hack the system. The point here is that the public key is used when creating a transaction through the blockchain. Supposedly, the key is opened only at the moment of transaction. The QRL algorithm eliminates a situation in which the public key can benefit the attacker.

Biteeu Team
20 September, 2019